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If you want better vocal strength, better vocal pitch, and vocal confidence to hit higher notes, this is for you!

  • Easy, Fun, and Effective.

    In just a short amount of time, you'll notice a difference in the way your voice sounds and feels. The lessons are easy and guided by me just as if I'm right there personally coaching you building your vocal confidence and making the vocal changes you seek to make.

  • Vocal Confidence Builder.

    You'll learn how to use your voice as an instrument, gain solid vocal control, knock out any habits that have been holding you back, and release negative thoughts you might have about your voice.

  • Most Important, You'll See Results.

    Any vocal issues will be diminished as you continue to use your program, one lesson at a time. You'll know what songs favor your unique vocal tone, and you'll know what key to sing your song in for an incredible performance.


What students have to say.

“Prior to taking voice lessons, I had always struggled with my confidence while singing in our church choir or playing and singing in the praise band. However, by practicing the techniques in the program, I felt more confident with my singing than I ever had before. I really appreciate the expertise, dedication, and methods that Nyla uses to explain the process very well through her recordings and narrations, it seems as if she is right there with me while I am practicing. As a result of Nyla’s approach and methods, I have increased my vocal range in this short period of time while using the techniques that are in the program. In Summary, Nyla Cione is an incredible Voice Coach, and this program is very effective when put into practice. So, whether you are wanting to learn the basics of singing or want to build on the vocal skillset you have already established. I highly recommend Nyla Cione's programs.”

Adam Burkett

“I have been coached by Nyla for a few years now even through our military move to Japan, she had me doing customized vocal warm-ups to help with my hearing loss and I couldn’t believe how fast my singing changed, I felt free, I felt like my sound was way better than before I didn’t even feel strained. I’m continuing this journey with her program, as my confidence has improved so much that I can’t wait to see how much better I sound in the coming years.”

Daphne Bye

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    1. Welcome From Nyla, Your Virtual Voice Coach

    1. The Foundation Of Voice Overview

    2. Diaphragmatic Breath For Voice

    3. The Vocal Cord Connection

    4. Your Larynx AKA Your Voice Box

    5. Vocal Articulation

    6. Sound Travel With Voice Placement

    1. The Power Combo Breath Technique

    2. Legato Breath Technique

    3. Articulating Vowel Formations

    4. Voice Placement, Where We Feel Sound

    1. 7 & 7 Breath Workout w/Guide

    2. Legato Breath Technique Only

    3. Legato Breath Workout

    4. COMING SOON! Breath Book Technique With Vowel Formations

    1. The Importance And Benefit Of Warming Up Your Voice

    2. Lip Roll Explained

    3. Lip Roll Exercise Female

    4. Lip Roll Exercise Male

    5. Tongue Trill Explained

    6. Tongue Trill Explained

    7. Tongue Trill Exercise Male

    8. Dripping Water Technique

    9. Get Into The Whew! Technique

    10. Yawn Warm Up Technique

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Your Virtual Voice Coach

Let's Create A Voice You Love!

Nyla Cione

Virtual Voice Coach

I designed this program for all my students and singers just like you who have the dream to sing your best and feel confident about sharing your voice. Early on in my singing career, I struggled with feeling connected to my voice and being able to genuinely express it. I was in search of finding my higher register without pushing and straining my voice. After years of studying and working with several seasoned voice coaches and teachers, I took all of my studies and personal experiences and created a voice-changing coaching approach that gets to the root of what holds us back from really reaching our personal best with our voice. By training our voice as an instrument it gets to the causes and conditions that might hold back our voice and having the privilege of training hundreds of singers of all levels and ages has allowed me to create a program that not only gives you a solid foundation for your vocal growth but has proven results for anyone wanting to learn how to get the most out of their voice and feel confident about it.

Nyla's personal message to you.

No time is better than the present to give yourself a gift.

If no one told you before, I believe in your voice even if I haven't met you yet. The reason why is because I believe that every voice deserves to be heard and to have the inner and outer confidence in making a dream come true. Even if it's just a personal long time desire that you've had, I believe you deserve to make it happen for yourself and I'd love the opportunity to be here for you and support that dream. xoxo Nyla