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I help singers like you build strong confident voices with easy-effective-guided voice lessons, just as if I'm right there with you in a private lesson. I guarantee results with a money-back guarantee (Terms and Conditions Apply)

It's Like Having Your Voice Coach Right There With You.

The lessons are time efficient fitting into even the busiest schedule, available on all devices.

  • Easy, Fun, and Effective.

    You'll get over 80 lessons all guided by me so you'll feel like I'm right there personally coaching you in a private lesson, taking out any guesswork, and making them easy, fun, and effective by giving you vocal examples and visuals to help build your vocal confidence in each lesson, and making the vocal changes you seek to make.

  • Vocal Confidence Builder.

    You'll learn how to use your voice as an instrument, gain solid vocal control, hit strong supported high notes, perfect your pitch, and knock out any habits that have been holding you back. You'll also have access to me with any questions for support as you move along in your vocal development.

  • Most Important, You'll See Results.

    You'll consistently progress and grow using my to-the-point time-efficient guided vocal exercises that fit into even the busiest schedules, and I've put them in a specific order making it easy to use so you'll have max results in a short amount of time. The quicker the results, the sooner you'll hit your goals and dreams.

How it works, and what to expect.

The modules are designed to work in the order in which they are listed helping you build that foundation for complete vocal success. You'll understand the working elements of your voice, how it functions as an instrument, and easily learn how to apply the methods and techniques that connect it all together. Since your voice is a wind instrument, we'll start with easy supportive breath exercises for optimal vocal function, power, and projection. You'll learn how to use vowel opener exercises with simple scales for vocal sound expansion, flexibility, range, alignment, establishing a vocal mix between registers. You'll experience more vocal clarity and increased vocal control, and you'll master your pitch for an accurately tuned voice. See a detailed list below this section showing all that's included in your program.

  • You'll get over 80 guided work at your own pace audio/video lessons and bonuses that are easy and effective and feel like I'm right there with you in a private lesson. The lessons are time efficient to fit into any schedule. Access your lessons anytime anywhere on any device.

  • You'll get additional added lessons to your program at no extra cost, keeping your vocal development advancing.

  • Add'l added bonuses for building deeper vocal confidence for performance including artist development guidance and more.

  • Free Vocal Community to ask questions, connect with other singers for support, and collaboration.

  • Access to me! I'm your virtual voice coach Nyla Cione, to help with any questions and with your program, via email. (You can find out more about me below)

  • Lifetime access, one time payment.

  • Money back guarantee. (Terms and conditions apply)


What students have to say.

“Working with Nyla's program has been a life-changer for me! Her program inspires me on a daily basis and has taught me so much that has improved my vocal technique, pitch, agility, and overall tone and clarity. I struggled with balancing my mix voice, but with her program, I now feel so much more confident about my voice when I sing, and I'm developing my own sense of artistry. I look forward to every lesson as I always learn something new!”

Michelle House, Singer-Songwriter

“Prior to taking voice lessons, I had always struggled with my confidence while singing in our church choir or playing and singing in the praise band. However, by practicing the techniques in the program, I felt more confident with my singing than I ever had before. I really appreciate the expertise, dedication, and methods that Nyla uses to explain the process very well through her recordings and narrations, it seems as if she is right there with me while I am practicing. As a result of Nyla’s approach and methods, I have increased my vocal range in this short period of time while using the techniques that are in the program. In Summary, Nyla Cione is an incredible Voice Coach, and this program is very effective when put into practice. So, whether you are wanting to learn the basics of singing or want to build on the vocal skillset you have already established. I highly recommend Nyla Cione's programs.”

Adam Burkett, Praise and Worship Vocalist

“I have been coached by Nyla for a few years now even through our military move to Japan, she had me doing customized vocal warm-ups to help with my hearing loss and I couldn’t believe how fast my singing changed, I felt free, I felt like my sound was way better than before I didn’t even feel strained. I’m continuing this journey with her program, as my confidence has improved so much that I can’t wait to see how much better I sound in the coming years.”

Daphne Bye, Singer-Songwriter, Model

“Nyla is a great vocal coach and mentor, and her programs are very helpful and easy to follow. I played guitar since I was 14 but never thought that I could learn to sing. I always sang on the chords but after working with Nyla I have gained confidence and expanded my vocal range and found my own voice. ”

Jeff Leaver, Singer-Songwriter

“The Five Minutes to a Better Voice module in the program is a perfect example of the professionalism and excellent service and coaching Nyla provides. I find the narratives, recordings and graphics very helpful with breath control and sound placement. I've only used it for a short while and already I am aware of differences I had merely not been aware of before. I'm a true fan and recommend Nyla and all of her programs to anyone.”

Don Paone, Vocalist

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    1. The Power Combo Breath Technique

    2. Legato Breath Technique

    3. Articulating Vowel Formations

    4. Voice Placement, Where We Feel Sound

    1. 7 & 7 Breath Workout w/Guide

    2. Legato Breath Technique Only

    3. Legato Breath Workout

    4. Book Breath Technique - Power Builder

    5. Box Breath Explanation and Technique

    6. Box Breath Exercise

    1. The Importance And Benefit Of Warming Up Your Voice

    2. Lip Roll Explained

    3. Lip Roll Exercise Female

    4. Lip Roll Exercise Male

    5. Tongue Trill Explained

    6. Tongue Trill Exercise Female

    7. Tongue Trill Exercise Male

    8. Dripping Water Technique

    9. Get Into The Whew! Technique

    10. Yawn Warm Up Technique

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  • Over 80 Guided Lessons with Lifetime Access
  • Free Access To Your Voice Coach via Email & Free Vocal Community
  • Money Back Guarantee (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Nyla's personal message to you.

No time is better than the present to give yourself a gift.

If no one told you before, I believe in your voice even if I haven't met you yet. The reason is I know everyone can learn how to use their voice as an instrument and become a stronger more confident singer. No matter what your personal goals big or small, you deserve to make it happen for yourself and I'd love the opportunity to be here to support your dreams.